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About Us

"Started from the Bottom now we here"

Undercar Auto Parts a well established automotive parts distributor in the north of T.O.

Established in the year 2000 , with a small 2100 sq store and limited quantity of parts , we have come a long way to having a 10,000 sq warehouse with such a variety that not many can touch. As a wholesale automotive parts supplier to local automotive shop repairs and used car dealers our countless amount of brake and suspension parts on our shelves are almost untouchable. Unlike other auto parts stores we don't try and pretend to carry everything and say we know it all quite the opposite we narrowed down our selection to what we really know and understand. From a mechanical background we decided back when opened to stay with certain components of the car , Brakes, Steering and Suspension, for this we can proudly say that we have majority of application in our stock , meaning most of your day to day cars on the road and even the odd weekend drivers or the nostalgic classics.

We have the parts for you